Some samples of research conducted downtown while deciding on which photos to use.
Final Posters Back Side
Final Posters Front Side
Photos taken at TaiwanFest.

TaiwanFest is an annual festival in Toronto and Vancouver that celebrates the Taiwanese culture, bringing together new immigrants and Canadians alike. Several booths are set up in downtown where cultural food, music, flowers, and other merchandise are shared. I was commissioned to create 4 large posters that depicted the history of Granville Street, the location in which the festival was held.

I conducted extensive research on the history of Granville Street from the founding of Vancouver to the present day in order to educate people on the rich heritage of the street. I then requested the City of Vancouver Archives for high-resolution photos of various locations from the early 1900's. Two days were then spent photographing these same locations downtown. Using Photoshop, I then blended the images together to create a unified picture with elements from both the past and present.