To celebrate the newly built studio for my department, I developed a promotional video that represented the services DMCD could provide for the company. The process included rendering 3D footage of the Blackberry model, and using stock images from the RIM database for manipulation in AfterEffects.
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I created a promotional video with another co-op intern for a contest at SFU for the purpose of informing students, especially in the Interaction Design and Technology faculty, of the Co-op opportunities at RIM. This project also involved green screen effects, along with 3D models and manipulations in AfterEffects. My duties included conducting all interviews with the participants, as well as editing the dialogue that would accompany the video footage.
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I worked with multiple departments alongside the CTO of Software to create a series of videos to educate employees worldwide about ISO/PDP procedures. My department was responsible for shooting footage in front of a green screen and then modifying the background for fantastical effects. I was also required to implement special effects and 3D models into certain sequences.
My department worked to develop a branding identity for the Blackberry Meteor, the upcoming model for RIM's devices. I was in charge of creating a mock video to experiment with the approach of how it could potentially be marketed. Processing included finding ways to highlight the new form of the Blackberry, along with the materials that will be used and how to appeal to the target market.

As a co-op intern at Research in Motion, I worked in the Digital Media and Content Design Department for 8 months. During that time, I created videos and graphics to promote new blackberry models and features. Some videos were also created solely for in-house promotions. Video production included video shoots with an in-house green screen, 3D graphics done in Maya in collaboration with other departments, as well as visual effects and post-production in AfterEffects.