After watching the film, we constructed a narrative timeline, breaking down the different components of the story.
We examined the relationships of the characters and how their interactions affected the various outcomes.
We then considered what themes we could include in our opening, but also wanted to note what themes would be considered overdone and better to be avoided.
We took note of symbols and imagery in the movie that we could use to tie our opening in with the film.
Plot elements and key quotes were also taken into account.
We analyzed the camera work in the movie to see if there was a particular style for us to mimic for the titling.
Our experimentation with fonts to determine the most suitable one to use for text.
Our preliminary round of concepts to experiment with based on research conducted so far.
Samples of our initial storyboards before creating the final version.

In a team of three, we worked to create an alternative titling sequence to a movie as an assignment. Our film of choice was Run Lola Run. We used footage from the movie, along with 3D sequences I created in Maya to structure the opening narrative with our own interpretation.