My name is Jenny Lee, and I currently reside in Vancouver, BC. I grew up with a love of drawing, ever since I learned how to hold a pencil. Focus on academics helped me appreciate the logical aspect of an otherwise creative field. I spend my free time observing movies and video games, appreciating all the elements that compile into a harmonious masterpiece.

Since my childhood, I've had a passion for media and narrative, which extends to various visual applications in today's world. Both the graphics and stories of Pixar's movies inspired me to walk the path I'm on today. Looking around me, I see many things that have a story to tell, examining more than simply the apparent plots from films, TV shows, and video games. Each of these media forms have elaborate stories from behind the scenes that carry from pre-production to the final product. Even an inanimate object like a chair has a story behind its inception, and these are areas in which I would love to be involved. Whether I become part of the creative process of a media project, produce the finishing touches on a masterpiece, or lend a hand in user experience development, my goal is to help tell a great story.